November 12, 2019
Best Camera For Filmmaking On A Budget Recommendation

Best Camera For Filmmaking On A Budget Recommendation

Choosing the right camera for filmmaking can be quite tricky and challenging. Most of the time, people want the best result with the most minimum budget. However, these days there are many options for cameras for both photography and filmmaking. To slim down the choices, determine what kind of video or film you are planning to make. This will help choose which best camera for filmmaking on a budget that is suitable for your purpose. 

Best Camera For Filmmaking On A Budget Recommendation

Before choosing the best camera for filmmaking on a budget, try to compare the camera’s and do some research. Some cameras have the same features but offer different prices. Below is some recommendation of the best camera for filmmaking:

1. Panasonic G85

The first recommendation is Panasonic G85, or in Europe, it is known as the G80/G81. The camera is available for under $700 with the lens. The camera comes with a tough magnesium and a weather-sealed body. Therefore, you won’t need to worry if you bring it outdoor and face the weather.

As for the lens, it comes with a sharp-12 60 kit that has a zoom range for quite a distance. It can also shoot 4K, with HD up to 60p flow the slow motion, making it great for film making. The only negative thing about the camera that it’s not recommended for low light. And the battery life isn’t long, therefore, you can’t use it for a long time. 

2. Fujifilm X-T3

Try out the best camera for filmmaking on a budget, Fujifilm X-T3. The price of the camera is under $1.500, but this is the body only. Despite the price, the camera is provided with pro-video features and good color rendition. 4k video and slow-motion are also available in this camera.

If you like filming outside, this camera is an option. Because it also supports low light performance, therefore it will not ruin your filmmaking. Overall, the camera is good for both photography and filmmaking. The battery is so-so, but at least you can charge it up using external power.

3. Black Magic Design Pocket Cinema

One of the best image quality, try out this 4k camera. It has pro audit audio inputs and can record up to 60fps. The camera can be used for both inside and outdoor with great quality. Another advantage of the camera is that it can record video formats. Therefore, it will make it easier for users to edit and use it in the future.

The size of the file is huge, but you can put it directly in an external drive. The battery isn’t the best one, but it can last up to 4 hours. The price of the camera is $1,295, but this is only the body. Thus, compared to its competitor, it is still the best choice. 

So before getting the best camera for filmmaking on a budget, ensure that you have the right budget in your pocket. If you have an old camera that you don’t use, try trading it in. This will help cut off some price, rather than not being used. Overall, each camera offers different features and cons, therefore buy the ones that can provide your needs.