November 12, 2019
Best Learning Method For Toddlers

Best Learning Method For Toddlers

Toddler always seems so cute that makes us want to hug and kiss them. But did you ever think that toddler is not easy to teach? Then we need more effort and patient to teach them something. Something that we seldom think is the toddler class might be the most crowded and busy class. Even though it was not easy to handle the teacher always give the best learning method for toddlers as much as they can. Well, when you curious to know what the best learning method for toddlers, we will show you about it. Here they are.

Best Learning Method For Toddlers

1. Large Group Activities Method

There are a lot of methods that you can implement in the toddler class. One of them is the large group activities method. The toddler is a unique student because they didn’t need any knowledge except the way to speak, interaction with each other and others what baby need.

Therefore, the large group activities group might be included as the best learning method for toddlers. The toddlers can have interaction with others that have the same age as them. They also can play a game, sing a song and many others together.

2. Small-Group Activities

Except the large group interaction, you also can implement small group activities as the best learning method for toddlers. In a small group activity, you divide the toddler in a small group that contains 2 or 3 students.

In this moment, you may ask them to play something together. You must find some activities that they will like it such as a puzzle, matching pictures, and many others. You must prepare some games because commonly the toddler is almost easy to change their mind that makes them easy to be bored.

3. Song and Music Time

Well, we cannot deny that all toddlers like to sing a song or listen to the music. Therefore, as the teacher, you must give them time to sing and listen to music. The song and music will make them happy and sing the song together. The teacher should move and break all of the activity and ask them to sing together while enjoying their happiness moment in class. By this method, the toddler will like to attend your class and they feel comfortable with you.

You can combine the song with a game, or take them to play outside the class or many others. If it is needed, you can take them to sing by themselves in turn. To make it valuable, you must give a song that contains a valuable lesson for them such as a song about vegetables, family, fruit, part of the body and many others. So they will learn unconsciously by that song. Thus, you must be creative when you teach a toddler.

Those are the explanation about the best learning method for toddlers. If you are looking for a suitable method to teach toddlers, you must choose one of the methods that have been explained at the previous paragraph. Whatever the method, it will sounds bored if the teacher cannot bring it in a good performance. So, prepare yourself well and give the best effort and performance for your children.