December 7, 2019
best places to visit in japan

5 Best Places To Visit In Japan For Honeymoon

Create a new experience with your love. Candlelight dinner, listen to the saxophone on the dance floor, and those romantic things are so common. Now it is time to pack your bag and go travel. Make a honeymoon moment by visiting some places. Here we are going to share the best places to visit in Japan so your honeymoon will be unforgettable.

Japan is one of the famous countries in Asia. It has a unique beauty, starts from its nature, culture, people, even the culinary. Also, if you go at the right time, you will be amazed by the cherry blossom. Hold on, that is just a piece of Japan. Take your note and list the best places to visit in Japan below:

1. Tokyo

Everybody who visits Japan must come to Tokyo. Feel a fancy service like a king and a queen here. There are many five-stars hotels and dining, exciting sightseeing places, also great shopping spots. When in summer, you will find the street festival. But if it gets to spring, spend a day in the park with a bloom of pink sakura trees.

2. Kyoto

If you don’t have much time for a honeymoon, then we recommend you to visit Kyoto. This place shows you almost complete life in Japan. Visit during the fall or spring is the right time. The weather is not that hot and not really cold. You still can enjoy the sakura, but also so comfy to bike or walk around the city. There is Nara where you can get a peaceful atmosphere with your husband or wife. Don’t forget to explore the ancient temples too around there.

3. Hida-Takayama

If you want to feel the traditional life, then Hida-Takayama is one of the best places to visit in Japan. Some people said that Hida-Takayama is quite different from Kyoto. Even both of them give you local life experience, being in Hida-Takayama takes you back in time. There is a village designated as the historic village by UNESCO. This village is Shirakawa-go. By knowing this you can imagine how genuine holiday would be here.

4. Hakone

Spend a day to get a train to Hakone from Tokyo. This place is perfect for a weekend gateway for local people. They use to visit Hakone to enjoy nature scenery. There is a cable car which takes you to see the mountains. Also, there is a boat ride that rides you around. The perfect time to visit Hakone is when in spring.

5. Fuji Five Lakes

Your experience would not be complete without visiting the Fuji five lakes. Mount Fuji is marked as one of Japan’s signatures. You must see the mount directly and you will be amazed by its beauty. The lakes and rivers are the best places to enjoy adventure sports too.

There is no doubt about spending your time in Japan. You must be wanting to extend several days again and again there. The best places to visit in Japan would be more perfect if you plan the things you must do too, for example, try wearing kimono, feel the shiatsu treatment, be in the crowd of Tokyo Disneyland, and many more.