December 7, 2019
best planner app for student

8 Best Planner App For Student To Help Them With School

best planner app for student

What is the best planner app for student? A Planner application for students is an application to plan some activities of students. As for some of the needs of students, namely arranging the schedule of activities, managing study time, and as a reminder.

There are several types of best planner app for student that can be used as needed. The application can set the time to study and as a reminder about school activities or school activities.

1. Chipper

As a student, of course,  many activities that must be followed. Chipper application is very helpful for students to manage their time. Not only managing time, but chipper is also useful to add test schedules, homework due dates, and quizzes to the calendar. If you want to set a timer for learning, choose the study tab option that study sessions can be arranged. It provides the advantage of a well-scheduled time.

2. Todait

When studying some application bring up notifications. However, Todait can stop notifications from other applications on the cell phone. Provides features for scheduling specific tasks based on criteria. In addition, some terms to memorize. If you want to complete homework, studying Todait shows how much time you have spent to do that. On study sessions, Todait combines statistics and displays them in graphic form.

3. Egenda

Arranging an easy-to-read schedule for completing homework assignments is a feature from Egenda. Another feature from Egenda is the color code to differentiate and manage the work well done.

4 My Study Life

One of the best planner app for student is my life study application. The features provided are adding class assignments and exams to the weekly schedule template for students.

Upcoming assignments, classes, and test will show on the dashboard display. That will anticipate negligence or a student will be obliged tomorrow.

5. Power Planner

Power Planner offers a simple schedule maker that’s good for even collage, until middle school. Not to mention, this planner accord with google calendar which makes life easier. Another feature is to be able to estimate the value of GPA by entering the grade of the assignment and test scores. So, the student can estimate how much value must be reached to raise the value of the GPA.

6. Easy Study

The Easy study allows users to enter additional information about subjects. It Can also add specific activities completed during the study session. If you want to see how far and how long the study time, then you can see under the statistics tab. The free version of this application is equipped appear advertisements and some limited features.

7. School Planner

It can easily enter classes into the application as well as select certain blocks. School Planner can add upcoming events, assignments or exams and appear right on the planner dashboard.

8. My Homework

Next on this best planner app for student list is My Homework can help organize homework and keep track of all activities. On the application homepage, you can see a class summary that must be come in and can see assignments. The calendar view of the application also gives a brief description of the class arranged date wise.

Similarly, some of the best planner app for student can be a choice as needed. Choosing to use the application is the right decision because it will regulate all activities.