December 7, 2019
education ranking by country

Education Ranking By Country In Southeast Asia Nations

education ranking by country

The world of education today is a determinant of the development of a country. For this reason, in this case supporting facilities, and the quality of education is crucial. This due to considering education is the key to producing quality and competitive human resources. In Southeast Asia, education ranking by country lead by Singapore. For that reason, here below is the education ranking of Southeast Asia countries.

1. Singapore

Singapore not only has one of the best quality education ranking by country in ASEAN but also the world. Currently, the island nation ranks ninth in the UNESCO Education Index. In 2013 there were only 1.3% of students failed to complete their education.

2. Brunei Darussalam

With an alias EDI Education Index value of 0.692, Brunei Darussalam occupies position 30 in the world. And number two education ranking by country in Southeast Asia. Not surprisingly, the article of the Brunei government bears all education costs, including the cost of lodging, books, and transportation.

3. Malaysia

With an adult population literacy rate of 94%, it’s no wonder that Malaysia can score 0.671 on the UNDP Education Index. Also, Malaysia ranks 62th in the list of the best education ranking by country in the world and third in ASEAN.

4. Thailand

Thailand is one of the ASEAN countries that has the highest education budget, which is 7.6% of Brutto Domestic Products. Not to mention, currently, the White Elephant Country occupies the 89th position in the world with an EDI score of 0.608.

5. Indonesia

Indonesia is currently in the 108th position in the world with a score of 0.603. In general, the quality of education in the country is under Palestine, Samoa, and Mongolia. Only 44% of the population completed secondary education. While 11% of students fail to complete education, aka out of school.

6. Philippines

The failure rate of students completing schools in the Philippines is among the highest in the world. No wonder the Philippines currently occupies 117th position in the world with a score of 0.610. However, as much as 64% of the population at least completed secondary education.

7. Vietnam

Vietnam, which is in position 121, has a lower quality of education than Iraq and Syria. Because it currently has an EDI score of 0.513 and an adult literacy rate of 93.5%. This makes Vietnam the country with the 7th lowest education level in ASEAN

8. Cambodia

Although many noted improvements in the past decade, Cambodia still ranks 136th in the world with a score of 0.495. it’s education is among the grimmest, with a student failure rate of 35.8%. And only 15.5% of the population receiving secondary education.

9. Laos

The literacy rate of the adult population in Laos is the lowest, at 72.7%. At least 40% of the population have never had formal education and 139. this makes Vietnam the country with the 9th lowest education level in ASEAN

10. Myanmar

For decades confined in the grip of the military junta’s power, Myanmar is rebuilding its education which is lagging. Thus, Myanmar is currently ranked 150th in the world with an EDI score of 0.371. Only 19% of Myanmar’s population has ever recorded secondary education.

PISA makes education ranking by country in ASEAN by testing 15-year-old students. Thus, it is useful to find out whether they know – in the natural sciences, reading, and mathematics. Because it’s necessary to fully participate in modern society.