December 7, 2019
how to become a personal shopper

How to Become a Personal Shopper & Tips

 Whoever thought that having a shopping hobby can help you get a job? Well, for those who like to shop and has some taste of style can get it. A personal shopper is a person that helps guide/ shop for others. Usually, this is because the customer doesn’t have time/ ability to choose. This job is sometimes available in shops, to help buyers choose the right products. The job itself sounds interesting. So, how to become a personal shopper? Is it easy? And how about the rate?

Well, before becoming a there are some things you need to prepare. Even though the job sounds easy, here are some steps on becoming a personal shopper:

1. Determine the specialize

Personal shoppers can offer their service for any kind of product. Therefore, before becoming one, choose which goods you want to focus on. If you want an easy type, personal shopping for the elderly can be an option. The main task here is usually buying their groceries and daily needs. As for those who love fashion can try out for personal shoppers in clothing or accessories.

2. Build Customer Service Skills

Remember that this job requires you to work for other people. Therefore, building up and improving customer skills is a must. How to become a personal shopper is by being close to the clients. Note every detail that they inform. And make sure to communicate clearly with them, especially if they are elderly. By giving full attention to the clients, they will feel comfortable and satisfied with you.

3. Learn How to Manage the Allocated Budget

This is the easy and hard part of being a personal shopper. Most clients will have a certain budget. The main job for you is how to deliver their needs with that budget. Maximize the amount of budget, but make sure the output is also satisfying. Doing some research on products will surely help you with this part of the job.

4. Develop your Skills

The key to developing is always learning. Therefore, to become a good personal shopper try to get an education. Being a personal shopper may not need certification. But by learning more, your knowledge will also add. If you have a hard time coming to classes in school, try to find a tutor.

5. Find a Job & Determine the Rate

The first step on how to become a personal shopper is by applying to retail shops. This might not be your dream job yet, but be patient. However, by doing this you can learn how to communicate directly with customers. When you start to develop, then apply for assistant personal shoppers. Or you can start as a personal shopper yourself. If this happens, then don’t forget to determine the rate. Most personal shoppers work with an hourly fee, but it all depends on you.

How to become a personal shopper isn’t hard, especially if it suits your passion. Like people say, do what you love and love what you do so you will work happily. So, this is a great job for those who love shopping.