December 7, 2019
how to go on vacation with toddler

5 Tips How To Go On Vacation With Toddler

how to go on vacation with toddler

If this is the first holiday with a toddler, it must be quite anxious and worried. Do not be afraid because how to go on vacation with toddler can be fun. And presents a valuable moment when they are growing up. 

When vacationing with toddlers, the most important thing is to always prioritize the needs of toddlers. And provide a lot of time to worry about. The following are tips for vacationing with children to become more comfortable

1. Discuss with family

How to go on vacation with toddlers? First planning a travel itinerary, try to get the children to participate in this discussion. Through this discussion, you can find out what activities your baby likes. And of course, you can set any destination that needs to be visited.

2. Bring enough needs

Try to always summarize the items to be brought. How to go on vacation with toddler rules, first think is also applies to items such as baby pampers, biscuits, etc.). Involve children in packing activities.

In addition to teaching your baby to be more responsible, this will prevent toddlers from fussing with the choice of items that have been prepared during the holidays. Also, allow children to bring one of the toys they like to divert boredom during the trip.

Don’t forget to bring medicines such as headache, stomach drops, wound drops and wound plasters, and most importantly, liniment and anti-mosquito lotion.

3. Tips for Choosing a Hotel

Choose a hotel that is in the center of tourist destinations. Such as the beach children’s playground, restaurants, and shopping centers. Although it may have to pay a higher price for the room. 

On the other hand, it can save time and children will not be bored because many entertainment places can be visited. Examples of hotel facilities to choose from:

  • Swimming pool – children love swimming pools, especially if there is a hotel providing slides and waterfalls
  • Lift – Make sure the hotel is occupied with an elevator because it will bring baby push.
  • Baby Beds – Almost in every hotel occupied, always has a baby bed for rent. Ask the receptionist if you need it.
  • TV Channel – Also make sure the hotel you are staying in has a children’s channel that can keep children busy while resting in the room.
  • Bathtub – If the hotel has a bathtub, encourage children to enjoy the bubble bath experience. Pour the bottle of soap that hotels usually provide into a tub full of water!
  • Laundry – Ask if the hotel also has laundry services. This will be very necessary if planning a vacation for more than 3 days.
  • Apartment – Consider choosing an apartment to stay. Where usually has more than one room facility and has a kitchen and private living room. Complete facilities in the style of a private home will make a family vacation more comfortable.

4. Consultation with a Doctor

The best how to go on vacation with toddler is knowing your baby has special conditions or allergies. Make sure and take the time to consult with your pediatrician. Tell me about your vacation plans. 

And ask what preparations you must complete before leaving. If necessary, also ask your doctor for specific reference to the condition of your child at your destination later.

5. Learning while on Vacation

Take time while on vacation to try something new where mothers and children can learn new things together. In addition to fostering creativity and honing children’s skills, they can also enjoy quality time together. Try to go fishing for the first time, or build a tent together while camping.

5 tips above are a few things on how to go on vacation with toddler. It is hoped the tips above can provide a little guidance for small families to be able to better enjoy the holiday as a family and toddler. Are you ready for a vacation with a toddler?