November 12, 2019
mont saint michel in normandy france

Mont Saint Michel In Normandy France, A Cultural Heritage You Should Visit

There are also many interesting sights in Normandy. So it is difficult to determine which places to visit on your day trip from Paris. Normandy is an area where the island of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy France is located, a territorial territory as well as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

mont saint michel in normandy france

Location and Route of Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel in Normandy France, an island with the landmark of a church at the top of a stretch of rock located on the edge of the bay. The church named Saint Michel is located between the Normandy and Britanny borders in Northern France.

This mountain-shaped island is located about one kilometer off the north coast of Normandy, at the mouth of the Couesnon River, near Avranches. Its location is what makes the church as one of the tourist destinations. That is second to none. Pairs of sea levels that occur over millions of years cause erosion in the mountains around the Month Saint Michel.

By train from Paris-Montparnasse station, it will take around 3 hours. By Flixbus or Ouibus bus, it will take around 4.5-5.5 hours and the price is cheaper. Mont Saint-Michel is very small and very touristic. Four hours is enough to take beautiful photos, visit the monastery without hurry, touring the island and lunch.

Activities in Mont Saint-Michel

The following places are very interesting when visiting a Mont Saint Michel. There are also religious tourist places and eating places that are famous for their omelets. some of the places below are a list of the best places here. So what are you waiting for, come soon and enjoy it!

1. Biara Mont Saint-Michel

This monastery is the main destination for most tourists – it’s 100% worth a visit and exploring! The price of admission is 10 for adults (free for residents of the European Union under 26 years and all children aged 18 years and under).

Don’t forget to take the guide paper at the ticket window to get an explanation of the history of each room in the monastery. This guide is available in various languages ​​(green for English). We can also go up to the top of the monastery to see the amazing view! Mont Saint-Michel is very steep and we have to climb to get to the monastery. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!

2. Mont Saint-Michel Cemetery & Church of Saint-Pierre

On the way to the monastery, we can pass the cemetery with beautiful views of the waters around Mont Saint-Michel. This cemetery and the Catholic church are worth a visit!

3. Places to Eat

Most of the places to eat in Mont Saint-Michel are crowded, it’s also expensive and overly touristic restaurants. The best way to enjoy lunch at Mont Saint-Michel is to bring prepared lunch. However, if we are too tired and want to take a short break after climbing, Du Chapeau Rouge might be an option.

Restaurants and creperieini serve crepes, scallops, fries, and salads at reasonable prices. They also have a menu package for 15 (prices can change) for cider, dinner crepe and dessert crepe and a 15.50 menu package for a glass of wine, shellfish, fries, and dessert or coffee. Although this is the best restaurant in Mont Saint-Michel, it’s best to prepare your meal or eat outside the island of Mont Saint-Michel after completing your tour.

In the Normandy area, high tides can reach 15 meters so that the island cannot be accessed via the bay. It is mandatory to check the tide hours because it can go up very fast. tourists should spend the night at Mont Saint Michel in Normandy France. Especially in the summer to see Mont Saint Michel with lights on.