December 7, 2019

Place Ideas for Study Tour

A study tour is a program that allows students to directly enter a field of study. Students can see and observe on their own on the subjects, problems and  phenomena. With this method, it was a bit different from studying theory in class. That is why; it is important for schools and education institutes to have ideas for study tours at least once a year.

There are a lot of benefits to studying outside classes. It could make students learn faster than in class. And inform them with wise and wide information and facts. They could have a different experience not only from the subjects the visited but also from the journey they have been through. Here some ideas for study tours, to create a useful study tour, yet fun and attractive.

1. Historic Sites

Every major definitely has its own history from the past. And every history is always important to be learned. By visiting historical sites, students could not only increase their knowledge and information; but also watch and learn the history visually directed from the field. As an addition, who knows by visiting a historical place, students can discover unexpected experience inside? These historic sites are always great ideas for a study tour.

2. Agency / Office

Meeting professionals straightly where they work from. Of course, in accordance with the major. Students could feel the ambiance and get a tour around. Even some agencies would allow students to enter some parts of the office that not just anyone allows to pass through during study tours. Now that is a great advantage that people can use!

3. Volunteer Sites

Another ideas for study tour is by volunteering. Different from an internship, where students could volunteer in a wise subject. Yes, they could volunteer in something that is suitable for theirs. But usually, in the study tour, they could try something different. As an example, they could join in a social activity where they can communicate and contribute directly with society and community

4. Nature

Nature is a must when it comes to studying tour. Whatever the major is, nature could give you one of the best cognition. Besides learning, nature could be an amusement for the students and as a relaxation for the teachers. Refreshing their minds before entering back classes and indoor activity again.

5. Factory

A factory is an option that must be available in study tour. By visiting factories, people will be able to learn the process or core business of the factory. Don’t forget to contact the factory first before the tour. Usually, all factories are able to receive study tour, especially from students.

Study tours must be a long waited activity for students and probably also for teachers. These ideas for study tour could be a great consideration. Make sure that the itinerary is all set up and suitable for the age and major of the students. If necessary, make a simple checklist for each student before they depart date. Last but not least, check the weather prediction especially if there is an outdoor plan.