December 7, 2019

Places for Shark Diving in the Bahamas

An adventurous way to spend your holiday is by diving in the sea. However, if you want to make it more challenging try out the shark diving in the Bahamas. The Bahamas is an island full of beautiful places that you can visit. However, one of the most popular destinations that tourists come for is shark diving.

There are plenty of places in the Bahamas to do shark diving. Some places are quite known to tourists. However, there are new places that not many people are aware of. If you are planning for shark diving in the Bahamas, try to check these places:

1. Tiger Beach

One of the most popular destinations for shark diving is the tiger beach. The water in Tiger Beach is very clean and crystal clear, therefore people can clearly see the sharks. Other than sharks, people can see the tiniest creature living in the sea. For those who are planning on this visit, try to arrange your schedule in the fall and spring months. Because this is the best time to enjoy shark diving with great temperature.

2.     Bimini

A place to do shark diving in the Bahamas is in Bimini. On the beautiful island, people can see the great hammerhead sharks swimming around. The water is as clean and clear as the Tiger Beach. People can also see the shark being fed by a feeder, who is an expert in it. For those who are interested in visiting Bimini must register from now. To protect the comfort of the shark, each diving trip is a limited maximum of 6 people. However, in Bimini the hammerhead shark is available throughout the year from spring until winter.

3.     North Bimini Lagoon

In this part of the Bahama, people will meet the lemon sharks. These sharks prefer shallow water rather than tiger sharks. Therefore, this diving set is not recommended for everyone to try. However, if you are an expert and looking for something new, then the North Bimini Lagoon is an option. Usually in a dive, divers will see about 20 lemon sharks swimming around. Like other sharks, they will not attack if they are not provoked.

4.     Cat Island

Tourists are able to see the oceanic whitetip sharks in the western of Bahamas, in Cat Island. The water inside the sea here is quite blue and deep compared to others. Not like other islands, people can’t easily whitetip sharks. This is because the whitetip sharks is now a rare species. Therefore, the government ensures a safe zone for this species to ensure they don’t get extinct.

5.     All island in the Bahamas

Caribbean reef shark is one of the most common sharks that tourists can see while driving. The shark is available on almost all islands of the Bahamas. So, if you plan for shark diving without targeting a certain type of shark then try to choose a certain island. At least there you can see a Caribbean reef shark.

Other islands in the Bahamas are also able for shark diving. However, these are the top sites that usually people will visit. Shark diving in the Bahamas is interesting, but don’t forget it is also quite pricy. So, don’t forget to prepare the money for this trip.