December 7, 2019

Sacred Places in Mythology You Can Visit

Visiting new places is always interesting and fun, especially if we learn something new. Rather than visiting normal places, why not try to visit sacred places where we can learn many new things. There are some sacred places in Mythology you can visit in America or India. The sacred places are different, however, they all have one in common, they tell stories. 

Sacred places in Mythology always have a story and therefore it is interesting. Therefore, by visiting these places, not only do we see new places, but also new knowledge. Most of these places might be famous in your history book. But they are not too famous for those planning for a vacation. So, for those who need a plan, here are some sacred places in mythology you can visit:

1. The Sacred Center of Delos

This is one of the most important islands in Greece, that is in Delos. On this island, Hera, Zeus’s wife gave birth to two of their child’s Apollo and Artemis. After their birth, Zeus build many temples and then the Island became sacred. From then on, the island was safely secured, ensuring that no one will claim it through heritage. Now, the island is still available and open to visitors. To get here visitors will just need to catch a ferry from the mainland. 

 2. The Acheron River

Greek is a country famous for its strong mythology and journeys over hundred years. There are many sacred places in mythology you can visit, but one of them is the Acheron river. This river is one of the five rivers that people say only flow in our world. It flows from the heart of the mainland to the Ionian Sea, where people can visit. The river is in the North of Greece or will need a day trip from Corfu. By visiting here, people can also see the beautiful view of the river. 

 3. Temple of Poseidon

Drive a bit to the south of Athens, and you arrive at the majestic temple. Until today, the temple is almost 2,500 years old and still stands strong in Athens. The temple was dedicated to the God of Sea, to give a nice sea trip to all of them. However, this temple was once destroyed in the 480 B.C and it was built again. 

 4. Mahabodhi Tree in India

One of the most sacred places you can visit in India is the Mahabodhi tree in the state of Bihar. The story behind the tree is from Prince Siddharta who spends three nights under the tree. After meditating three nights, the prince received insights into what he had been seeking for. And the insight became the teaches he spread to his disciples. Now, there isn’t only a tree but also many temples are available near the tree. 

 5. Taktsang, Bhutan

From all the places above, this Buddhist monastery is maybe the hardest place to visit. It sits on a cliff 900 meters high above the Paro Halley in Bhutan. Even though it is hard to reach, the view and history are worth to visit. To come here, people will need a two-hour climb from the valley, and it will be quite steep. 

These sacred places in Mythology you can visit are historical places, therefore ensure to always act nicely. Having a good attitude is also important when entering sacred places. Respect all the rules and conditions in each place because there is a history behind each place. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the cleanliness, don’t throw away stuff in forbidden places.